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1040 Sale!

Posted by clairedallin on April 18, 2011

It’s Tax Day here! Hope you got your forms in early 🙂 And extra hoping for a fat refund. For those feeling the tax man pinch, I am having a 1040 sale today only. That means:
→ 10L for single poses
→ 40L for a fatpack of 5 poses
→ 140L for one large pack of modeling poses

This is today 4/18 only! So pop in and grab them while you can!

<3s Claire
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*******If any bloggers would like to blog other items from my store, please send me a notecard with your name, blog url, and the item(s) requested.


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Slash Me Poses <3 day goodness

Posted by clairedallin on February 13, 2011

Lots of new stuff this weekend. Sales, freebies and new releases!
I’ve just set out this new item. It’s a heart tattoo with a pose to show it off. It is out front and only 10L for the pose and tat.

Next is a couples pose using the same tattoo. This one includes the couples pose, one heart tattoo to keep, and one to give away.

Last is another couples set. This includes scattered pillows with a sexy couples pose inside. Also included are sculpted feathers to give that ‘just tousled’ look.

Theres also some couples poses around perfect to use for those Valentine photos with your sweetie!
Also visit around Existence for our Sweetheart Sale. Boom, Kozmetika, Pididdle, Miseria, and myself have items on sale until the 14th. Also check out the kissing booths around the sim to try your chance for some Valentine’s Day freebies.

♥s Claire
Slash Me Poses

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Pose Sale! 50% off

Posted by clairedallin on November 26, 2010

The stores at Existence are doing our annual Black Friday sale. I’ve set ALL fatpacks of single poses 50% off, majority of couples/group poses for 50% off as well.

Also visit the other stores involved as well:

* discounts and participation varies by store.

Slash Me Poses

Have a great weekend!

<3s Claire

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Prop, Sales, and Blogging..Oh my!

Posted by clairedallin on November 23, 2010

Hii I have a new pose prop out today. I’m going to show my age here, but I remember the holidays meant moms beating each other to get cabbage patch kids dolls. Ahhh hot coco and fighting over toys, now that brings the warm and fuzzies! So, to bring those fun memories in SL, I made this prop:

There are 5 poses total and room for 2 people to switch out the poses. Also the sign in the back can change to 7 different things by click. This would be a perfect prop while getting ready for your Black Friday shopping in sl.

Oh wait, did I say Black Friday? The stores on Existence are having our annual Black Friday sale starting this Friday!!! Discounts and participation will vary by store, but know that Existence is the flagship location for 8 stores. Don’t forget to stop in and see what we have planned to kick off the holiday season!

Just stick around one more sec! If you are a blogger and joining the 52 Week blogger challenge, or just wishing to blog my items in general please send a request to me by notecard.

I hope everyone has a great day and looking forward to seeing you soon.

Much ♥ always,
Claire Dallin
Slash Me Poses

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New Poses and SBS!

Posted by clairedallin on November 13, 2010

Hi I have a few new things going on this week!

First off is a new pose pack of 5 single poses.

Next, for Super Bargin Saturday, I have a new pose prop. A 1 prim pillow scripted with 5 poses.

Both of these items are at my main store in Existence.
Slash Me Poses Mainstore

Lastly I’d like to invite everyone to come take a peek at an event I’m involved with. The Little BIG Shop Event, is to encourage and help new shops gettting started by pairing them with a ‘sibling’ store that has been around longer. I’m happy to have been paired with the greats gals of Bella Fille. I encourage everyone come to look around at all the items at the Festival and heres a peek of the item made with Belle Fille.

The Little BIG Shop Event

Have a great weekend and much ♥ always,

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/me is caught in a trap

Posted by clairedallin on October 23, 2010

2 New things for Halloween to get your spooky on.

A web to catch your prey in. Sit on each of the spiders for pose. Adjustable too! Only 75L

A set of 3 candles scripted with 2 poses. This set is just 50L

Also with every new release, I will choose a random person from all who purchased items during that week to win the new release!

* any bloggers wishing to blog my items, please send a notcard with your info and request.

Slash Me Poses
♥s Claire

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New from Slash Me Poses

Posted by clairedallin on August 31, 2010

/me loves the look, is a pack of 5 single poses. Take the lm to come peek 😀
Slash Me Poses Main Store

 ♡s Always,

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Getting hitched?

Posted by clairedallin on July 17, 2010

Its July..time for couples to plan and have their dream weddings in real and second lives.  I’ve created three new sets that are wedding themed.

The first is a prop. It’s a cake topper that the couple poses on. The set comes with the cake prop and 3 couples poses. The poses are set into 2 wedding rings instead of the standard blue/pink pose balls.

Next is a couples pose that would make a cute engagement photo or just a regular snap. It’s a gold frame that includes an upclose pose for the couple.

And last a pose for the bridal party. Of course can be used in any theme but the poses are set to keep the arms up in case of poofy dresses.  Just like all my items, all are copy/mod so you can rip the poses out of the poseballs to have single stands if that is your choice.

I’m also in the PROPOSERS hunt just for poses! Mine is pretty easy 😀 Just look for the handprint.

<3s Always,


Slash Me Poses

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Hang Ten!

Posted by clairedallin on June 22, 2010

Everyone needs a cute surfboard to go with all the adorable new swimwear right? My latest item is /me Hangs Ten. It’s a sculpted surfboard textured with a classic hibiscus and woodgrain look. There are 5 boards in the pack, each one has a different pose. Also, there are 2 versions of each board; one to wear and one to rez. That way if you are at a beautiful beach sim thats no build and want a picture, you still can wear and pose.

Come by my main store in Existence and its right in front to check out. Or stop by the BOOM Beach wear store to peek and also see the ample selection of swimwear to complete your beachy look!
Slash Me Poses Mainstore
*BOOM* Bikini Store

<3s Claire

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Momma’s Day pose BOGO

Posted by clairedallin on May 7, 2010

For Mother’s Day weekend, I’m setting the 2 poses I made last year in one box and selling both for the price of one. You will get:
/me loves my momma….a set of wearable flowers that put you in a sweet gazing pose. Also, /me says ‘Wire Hangers?’…in case your momma is more of a please-talk-to-the-bailbonds-office type. Comes with wearble hanger, that again sets you into pose.

Slash Me Poses Main Location

Have a great weekend!
<3s Claire

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